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Gyulahús auction

A customer success story

In the summer of 2023, a Hungarian company in the meat industry tried our system for the first time with our Auction Mentor supported auction service. The auction resulted in total savings of more than EUR 16 000 for our client in that month alone. They were so satisfied with the average savings of 12% that they decided to commit to Fluenta Auction and purchased a license package.
Find out more about their story in our blog article below:

How do we do it?

How long does it take to implement a module? What happens in the implementation phase? Find out all from the following article!


Five-star customer service

We pride ourselves on the fact that our customers consider our customer support team's problem solving skills and attitude to be of the highest quality.

What our customers say

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    “We have been using Fluenta successfully for years, and I was personally in charge of its implementation on behalf of our company. By the end of the implementation, the system was fully tailored to our company's needs, everything was designed according to our requests and schedule.”

    Péter Kurali

    Purchasing Director, BIS Hungary

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    “Prior to the introduction of Fluenta in 2015, we generally used different, ad hoc solutions that we wanted to improve in the long term. Using the Fluenta Auction and Sourcing modules to manage our processes in a secure, simple, traceable and auditable way has made our work much easier.”

    dr. Balázs Lukovics

    Debt Collection Advisor, OTP Bank

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    “We have been using Fluenta's Auction and Sourcing modules for years and we are very satisfied with them. We like the fact that the system is simple and quick to use and easy to learn for new colleagues.”

    Péter Szabó

    Senior Procurement Expert, E.ON

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    “With Fluenta, the lead times for our previously lengthy order processes have been reduced from 30-45 days to an average of 7-10 days, with some orders being fulfilled in as little as a day.”

    Tamás Nováki

    Technical Director General, Eötvös Loránd University

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