You want to store your contracts online, in one place? 

We have the solution!


Fluenta Contract Repository


Store your contracts in one place! Never forget important deadlines, set up automatic expiry notifications!

With Fluenta Contract Repository, you can store all your contract easily and efficiently in an online system, where you can set up multiple levels of permissions and access rights. You can schedule automatic expiry notifications to make sure you know when you need to prevent contract overruns or missed terminations.

Main benefits of the Fluenta Contract Repository module:

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    simpler, more transparent contract management,
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    compliance with auditing and legal requirements,
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    automatic notifications,
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    multi-level permission management,
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    different filtering options and parameters,
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    free-text search,
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    supporting public procurement processes,
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    reporting options.

Who do we recommend it to?


We recommend Fluenta Contract Repository for any company that deals with a large number of contracts and connected documents, which they wish to manage and organize more efficiently.


Using the Fluenta Contract Repository module can free up significant human capacity, as it is no longer the responsibility of certain employees to constantly share the content of the contract with coworkers; instead, those with the appropriate authorization can access the contracts that concern them independently and online.

The module can provide useful aid to your company, if:

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    you need to keep track of hundreds of different contracts per year,
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    quick filterability and comprehensive free-text search (even inside contracts) are important to you,
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    you wish to create and track your contracts in one place, while receiving automatic notifications of important contract dates,
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    you need a system for storing contracts that complies with audits and legal requirements,
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    you want to control access rights and permissions meticulously.

Why choose Fluenta Contract Repository?


Manage all your contracts in one place

The module provides support for related activities throughout the entire contract management period.


Forget incomplete databases

Track contract changes and cancellation periods in one place and set automatic reminders for renewal dates.


Easily restrict access

By setting up multi-level permission management, you can ensure that only authorized persons have access to digital contracts.


Don't miss important deadlines

Set up automated reminders for important contract-related dates.


Inspect contracts with ease

The module allows you to easily check contracts and quickly review their content.


Personalized implementation

During the implementation phase, we will show you how to use our system in the most effective way for your organisation.

Want to know more?

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What Our Customers Say

Don't take our word for it

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    “We have been using Fluenta successfully for years, and I was personally in charge of its implementation on behalf of our company. By the end of the implementation, the system was fully tailored to our company's needs, everything was designed according to our requests and schedule.”

    Péter Kurali

    Purchasing Director, BIS Hungary

  • rating star image

    “Prior to the introduction of Fluenta in 2015, we generally used different, ad hoc solutions that we wanted to improve in the long term. Using the Fluenta Auction and Sourcing modules to manage our processes in a secure, simple, traceable and auditable way has made our work much easier.”

    dr. Balázs Lukovics

    Debt Collection Advisor, OTP Bank

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    “We have been using Fluenta's Auction and Sourcing modules for years and we are very satisfied with them. We like the fact that the system is simple and quick to use and easy to learn for new colleagues.”

    Péter Szabó

    Senior Procurement Expert, E.ON

  • rating star image

    “With Fluenta, the lead times for our previously lengthy order processes have been reduced from 30-45 days to an average of 7-10 days, with some orders being fulfilled in as little as a day.”

    Tamás Nováki

    Technical Director General, Eötvös Loránd University

    More to know about Fluenta Contract Repository

    How do we do it?

    How long does it take to implement a module? What happens in the implementation phase? Find out all from the following article!

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      Five-star customer service

      We pride ourselves on the fact that our customers consider our customer support team's problem solving skills and attitude to be of the highest quality.


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