Managing your requisitions and invoices in one place?

We can show you how!


Fluenta Req2Pay

Manage the entire requisition process on a single platform!

Control requisitions through internal catalogs and built-in approval processes, store your company's invoices in one transparent system and manage invoice approvals in one place.

The Fluenta Req2Pay module covers the entire requisition process, from contracting, ordering and receipt to storing invoices.

Main benefits of the Fluenta Req2Pay module:

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    simple interface,

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    easy-to-use supplier portal,

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    precise administration,
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    recreating approval processes,

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    easily searchable catalogs with pictures,
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    reporting options,

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    budget monitoring and control,

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    efficient invoice management,

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    automatic purchase order creation.

Who do we recommend it to?

We recommend Fluenta Req2Pay to all companies that wish to optimize their existing processes, reduce the administrative burden on employees and minimize errors throughout the entire requisition process.

The module is particularly suitable for organisations with a high volume of purchases or incoming invoices, where it is important to optimize budget management and financial discipline, as well as increasing the visibility of expenses.

The module can provide useful aid to your company if you want to:

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    shorten the time needed to process and approve requisitions,
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    make your operational procurement processes simpler and more transparent,
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    facilitate administrative tasks by sending out prepared requisitions, with no buyer intervention if it is not needed,
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    eliminate errors in the procurement process,
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    increase the efficiency of invoice management and monitor the approval of invoices,
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    easily track costs and maintain financial discipline.

Want to know more?

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Monitor all your purchases

Control internal and external requisitions with customizable catalogs, built-in approval chains, and budget monitoring.


Keep everything under control...

Check the status of your invoices, compare order data and monitor the evolution of expenses with just a few clicks.


...and focus on what's important!

With properly implemented requisition processes, only certain, specific orders require purchaser intervention.

Forget uncontrolled spending

Recreate all your internal invoice and order approval processes digitally for complete financial control.


Handle administration like a pro

Let requesters handle the receipt of their delivered goods to have instant confirmation of the goods' arrival.

Personalized implementation

During the implementation phase, we will show you how to use our system in the most effective way for your organization.

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What our customers say

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    “We have been using Fluenta successfully for years, and I was personally in charge of its implementation on behalf of our company. By the end of the implementation, the system was fully tailored to our company's needs, everything was designed according to our requests and schedule.”

    Péter Kurali

    Purchasing Director, BIS Hungary

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    “Prior to the introduction of Fluenta in 2015, we generally used different, ad hoc solutions that we wanted to improve in the long term. Using the Fluenta Auction and Sourcing modules to manage our processes in a secure, simple, traceable and auditable way has made our work much easier.”

    dr. Balázs Lukovics

    Debt Collection Advisor, OTP Bank

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    “We have been using Fluenta's Auction and Sourcing modules for years and we are very satisfied with them. We like the fact that the system is simple and quick to use and easy to learn for new colleagues.”

    Péter Szabó

    Senior Procurement Expert, E.ON

  • rating star image

    “With Fluenta, the lead times for our previously lengthy order processes have been reduced from 30-45 days to an average of 7-10 days, with some orders being fulfilled in as little as a day.”

    Tamás Nováki

    Technical Director General, Eötvös Loránd University

    How can we help you?

    Find out how Fluenta could support your business!

    Talk to our sales team

    What to know about Req2Pay?

    • Flexible requisitions

      Products and services can be requested by ordering from a webshop-like catalog, using a form to choose from predetermined options, or via simple free text. When requesting a service, you only need to fill in a form with the parameters of the service (e.g. size and quantity in the case of a print order). You can also search for products or enter detailed information on the request.

    • Approval and control

      Requisitions and invoices go through a flexible approval chain. You can make the group of approvers dependent on the type of product, the position of the requesting employee and the value of the order, among other things. For each request, you can assign a responsible person who can refine the technical parameters or, in the case of a leave or sickness, set up a substitution for absent staff.

      Both contract-based and cost center-based limits can be set up for requisitions to prevent overspending and easily monitor the use of the budget.

    • Private and public catalogs

      The module allows suppliers to add their own products and services to the catalog. In the case of a private catalog and prices, only your company can order these items, in the case of a public catalog, all Fluenta users can access the products. You can also optionally set up a framework contract for your orders, so you will be notified before the limit is exhausted.

    • Confirmation of receipt
      The products delivered can be received by the requesters themselves, so information on which invoices can be settled is available even before the invoice itself is received.

      Confirmation of receipt can be done not only at the cart level, but also at the item level, so partial delivery can also be confirmed.
    • Invoice management

      With Fluenta, you can manage your invoices in one place and track their entire lifecycle. The module can also process large volumes of invoices.

      Time spent on manual invoice processing can be easily replaced by automated invoice management. Start an invoice directly from the order, and link your invoices even at project level.

      Fluenta's modules can be integrated with other financial systems to further minimize manual data entry.

      The Fluenta Invoice module can also be used on its own, independent of Fluenta Req2Pay.

    How do we do it?

    How long does it take to implement a module? What happens in the implementation phase? Find out all from the following article!

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      Five-star customer support

      We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients describe our support team's problem solving skills and kindness as extremely high-quality.


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