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Fluenta Supplier Onboarding


Prepare your suppliers for working together! We have a solution!


The Fluenta Supplier Onboarding module allows you to integrate suppliers into your company culture easily and efficiently. Our system makes it easy for suppliers to understand and adopt company policies and helps you keep track of the equipment issued to them.

Main benefits of the Fluenta Supplier Onboarding module:

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    Preparing suppliers to work together, simpler than ever: including familiarizing them with company policies.
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    Efficient policy adoption: the module allows you to keep track of the policies your suppliers have read and accepted.
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    Convenient equipment tracking: the system makes it easy to control the assets issued and the suppliers' right to use them.
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    Safer work environment: with Fluenta Supplier Onboarding, you can ensure that suppliers know and comply with company policies and have the right equipment and permissions.

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    Cross-compatibility: Supplier Onboarding can be easily linked to other Fluenta modules.

Who do we recommend it to?

Fluenta Supplier Onboarding can help medium and large companies that work with a large number of suppliers and need to manage their relationships with them more efficiently and transparently, and want to manage the policies that suppliers adopt and the inventory of equipment issued to them in a consistent way.

It is also an indispensable tool for companies operating in sectors with strict safety requirements, such as the chemical, food, or medical industries, as Fluenta Supplier Onboarding enables companies to manage regulations in a consistent way and ensure that suppliers are properly trained and working in compliance with regulations.

The module can provide useful aid to your company, if:

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    you work with a large number of suppliers,
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    you have a diverse supplier base,
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    it is important for you to comply with safety or other regulations (work and fire safety, or GDPR regulations),
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    you want to manage your supplier relationships more transparently,
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    you want to comply with legal or ISO regulations.

Why choose Fluenta Supplier Onboarding?


Supplier questionnaires

Onboarding process before tendering, with a single questionnaire available online for those involved in the process.


No more unnecessary work

The configured questionnaires and onboarding procedures can be easily reproduced.


Quick evaluation

Information can be automatically classified according to predefined weights and parameters.


Create supplier groups

The onboarding parameters for the group are available for all group members.


Interoperability with other Fluenta modules

The data entered here can be accessed in the tendering (Sourcing) module and later in the price negotiation (Auction) module.


Personalized implementation

During the implementation phase, we will show you how to use our system in the most effective way for your organisation.

Want to know more?

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How do we do it?

How long does it take to implement a module? What happens in the implementation phase? Find out all from the following article!

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    Five-star customer support

    We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients describe our support team's problem solving skills and kindness as extremely high-quality.

What Our Customers Say

Don't take our word for it

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    “We have been using Fluenta successfully for years, and I was personally in charge of its implementation on behalf of our company. By the end of the implementation, the system was fully tailored to our company's needs, everything was designed according to our requests and schedule.”

    Péter Kurali

    Purchasing Director, BIS Hungary

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    “Prior to the introduction of Fluenta in 2015, we generally used different, ad hoc solutions that we wanted to improve in the long term. Using the Fluenta Auction and Sourcing modules to manage our processes in a secure, simple, traceable and auditable way has made our work much easier.”

    dr. Balázs Lukovics

    Debt Collection Advisor, OTP Bank

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    “We have been using Fluenta's Auction and Sourcing modules for years and we are very satisfied with them. We like the fact that the system is simple and quick to use and easy to learn for new colleagues.”

    Péter Szabó

    Senior Procurement Expert, E.ON

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    “With Fluenta, the lead times for our previously lengthy order processes have been reduced from 30-45 days to an average of 7-10 days, with some orders being fulfilled in as little as a day.”

    Tamás Nováki

    Technical Director General, Eötvös Loránd University

    More to know about Fluenta Supplier Onboarding

    • You don't need this module if...

      you work with a small number of suppliers and it's easy to sort through the policies they have read and accepted.

    • How do we implement the module?

      In consultation with the client's key users, we will propose the design of the questionnaires, defining their exact content and the mandatory and optional elements. The process can be started after a single training session.
      During the implementation and operation of the system, creating new questionnaires, and designing and configuring them requires no additional development.

    • Flawless certification process
      Simple, easy-to-understand questionnaire interface
      Uniform format
      User-defined frameworks
      Built-in approval options

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