Handling approvals on paper and via email?

We know another way!


Fluenta Workflow

Save time and minimize the potential for errors in your business workflows!


Fluenta Workflow enables the automation of corporate approval processes and minimises the number of manual interventions required. The module allows users to easily monitor their business processes. 

Who do we recommend it to?

The module can be of great help to medium and large enterprises with more complex organizational hierarchies and approval processes that want to minimize the potential for errors and monitor their business processes through electronic approvals.

Fluenta Workflow is especially useful for preparing small or large  value purchases and facilitating regulated cooperation between departments.

Fluenta Workflow could be the solution for you if:

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    several departments within the company work together in a regulated way and need a common system,
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    there is considerable geographical distance between company sites where in-person approval is not possible,
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    the organizational structure requires audited processes. 

Why choose Fluenta Workflow?


Internal approvals – electronically

Bring your business procedures to the next level.


Ergonomic requisitons

Send internal requests for approvals using pre-set webforms.


Approval chain – the way you want it

Mirror the current manual approval chain with automated steps.


Not only for procurement

Use it for any business process – from initiating procurement procedures to managing internal requisitions.


Keep track of every step

See the status of all ongoing approval procedures in one place.

Personalized implementation

We will teach you how to make the most of your workflows with the help of the Fluenta system.

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More to know about Fluenta Workflow

  • Webforms customized to each process
    Usually webforms are used to forward the business process from the sender to the addressee. The forms used by the company can be created in the system individually, employing all types of data input fields (such as dates, file upload requests etc.).
    Required data fields can be indicated on each form to request information that is crucial for approval or processing. Based on data specified on the forms, it is easy to assign processes to specific cost centers, organizational units, or projects.
  • Approval chain
    An approval chain can be assigned to each requisition process either manually or based on pre-set rules. This ensures the expert or the person responsible for the given area will make the decisions about the evaluation process. Approval rules are aligned with the organizational structure and existing rules of procedure; therefore, decisions are channeled through the same points as before.
    While a process is under approval, those involved in the procedure can check the approval status. If a process is rejected, the initiating user can restart the process without re-entering the data already provided.
  • Use cases
    The business workflow module has a wide range of possible uses; it can even replace multiple smaller subsystems. These may be, for example:
    • applying for training opportunities,
    • travel requests or booking carpool services,
    • repair or maintenance requests,
    • requests to initiate a procurement procedure,
    • static data management, etc.
    The overview displays the initiators, the status, and the details of the processes; information entered on the webforms is also accessible in a database from.

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What our customers say

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“Our organization has been using different Fluenta modules for 10 years.

With Fluenta Workflow, we manage around 2000 business processes a year. These include procurement and public procurement procedures, initiating withdrawals from framework contracts, initiating contract amendments and exercising contract options. All of these processes are subject to conditional, dynamically built approval chains, usually configured by us, but sometimes by Fluenta specialists in the event of organizational or personnel changes. Our experience has been very positive. As a result, we have become more efficient and our processes have become significantly shorter and more transparent.

The staff have easily adopted and has been confidently using the software following implementation.”


Ferenc Horváth
Head of Procurement Strategy,
BKK Centre for Budapest Transport

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“Our institution has been using Fluenta since 2017 to manage our ever-increasing purchasing needs. The most useful features for us are demand management, traceability and retrievability of the procurement process. Over the last nearly 6 years, we have received continuous support from Fluenta Europe staff to recreate our processes in the system.”

Mónika Kispál
Administrative expert,
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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“We have been using Fluenta successfully for years, and I was personally in charge of its implementation on behalf of our company. By the end of the implementation, the system was fully tailored to our company's needs, everything was designed according to our requests and schedule.”

Péter Kurali
Purchasing Director, BIS Hungary

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