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Fluenta Analytics


Transparent reports in one place

The module makes it easy to see the connections between your company's results.


Complex indicators? Sure!

In addition to simple KPIs, optional indicators can also be integrated, according to inter-module or other logical relationships.


Analysis of different data on a given timeline

Produce comparative reports for the whole organization, revealing overlaps in processes or gaps in regulation.


Assess supplier and staff statuses

See how your suppliers are performing and how busy your colleagues are, so you can plan and schedule extra projects and time off more easily.


See where the money is going

Multiple orders from one supplier based on separate contracts or different price lists? Not anymore!


Live tutorials

We will teach you how to use our system during implementation.

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What to know about Fluenta Analytics

  • Strategic reports

    Summary overview of previous years
    Trend analysis
    Analysis of inter-organizational relationships

  • Real-time reports

    Measuring supplier and employee performance
    Current status information
    Results your company has achieved

  • You need the Fluenta Analytics module if...

    you want more complex filters on aggregated data;
    you need to perform quantitative and qualitative analysis of information
    in the organization;
    you do not have your own "business intelligence" solution;
    it has become inconvenient to track claims, orders, procedures, or status information;
    you have to manage a large number of invoices, order transactions, approval steps and approvals – not only in the area of procurement;
    you want to see the exact status of your saving rates;
    you want to establish a link between the individual modules and also to identify and use synergies.

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