Everyone wants the best possible offer from their bidders. 

Interested in a shortcut?


Fluenta Auction


Up and running in 2 hours

Implementation doesn't have to be tedious! We guarantee being ready in 2 hours or even less.


Live tutorials

We will teach you how to use our system during implementation.


Create new auctions with a few clicks

Create templates with our wizard and then copy, duplicate or edit them easily.


Practice without any risk

Free practice option for both you and your bidders before things get serious.


Several auction types and rules

Traditional? Japanese? Dutch? We know other types as well – do you?


Plentiful documentation

Get full transparency with our logging system!

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Successful auctions


Successful tenders





What to know about Fluenta Auction

  • Several auction types and rules

    Set up an electronic auction and choose from a range of auction types (traditional, Dutch, Japanese, total cost, parametric, scoring and weighted) and auction rules (increments, opening price, time extension, allowing tied bids, ranking method, etc.); this lets you align the methodology with the process easily.

  • Sourcing or sales auctions

    Not all auctions are for purchasing or for decreasing prices. If you have assets (e.g. dead stock) or real estate to sell, you can invite potential buyers to bid within an equally short period, but this time with increasing bids. Further settings allow competing on other key procurement criteria, too – such as payment and delivery terms.

  • Parameterizing items

    Price negotiations sometimes require the use of more complex evaluation methodologies. You can set up predefined parameters for each item in the auction, with associated values of your choice. For complex items requiring the use of mathematical formulas, Fluenta supports Excel-based bidding and announcing multi-dimensional auctions.

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What Our Customers Say

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    “We've been using Fluenta's Auction and Sourcing modules for years and we're very satisfied with them. We like the fact that the system is simple and quick to use and easy to learn for new colleagues.”

    Péter Szabó

    Global Category Manager, E.ON Gazdasági Szolgáltató Ltd.

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    “The implementation at our company was smooth and quick, and we have received all necessary support from the Customer Success team.”

    Anna Fritz-Körmendi

    Procurement manager, MAVIR Ltd.

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    Fluenta is the first produrement support software we've ever used. We decided to implement the Sourcing and Auction modules to make it easier to stay in contact with our suppliers, replace telephone and email negotiations, and manage our tendering processes in a transparent and controllable online system.”

    Levente Fekete

    Procurement director, Univer Product Ltd.

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    “Customer-friendly, knowledgeable, expert team.” 

    Péter Kurali

    Director of purchasing, BIS Hungary Ltd.


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