Why is it great to work with us?

We put our employees first!


It may sound cliché, but we really do our best to make our employees feel as comfortable as possible. In our sunny office, comfort is ensured by height-adjustable desks, stateoftheart office equipment, comfortable sofas and beanbags. Our friendly office manager will provide fresh fruit, snacks, quality teas, coffee and a selection of dairy products to suit different food sensitivities every day.

We welcome all our lovely new colleagues with a welcome breakfast! :)

IMG_4502 másolata

We love being together!

We have regular teambuilding activities where we eat well, socialize and occasionally play sports! We try to organize a community event every month where the whole team can get together, but smaller teams also like to have fun separately, whether it's a gocarting competition or an escape room.

Would you like to join us?

Send your CV to cv@fluenta.eu or fill in the application form and our colleague will contact you shortly :)