Save time and money

Speed up the sourcing process and make it more transparent inside and outside of the company.


Simplify and conquer

Sourcing and sales eauctions of multiple types and with rules to meet individual needs.


Get insights, not just reports

Get hundreds of useful reports from Fluenta and show your boss what really matters.


Customized for your needs

Not just procurement! Control all company procedures and enjoy the comfort of automation.

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    About Fluenta

A modular solution for your company's needs

Use Fluenta software to support your strategic and operative sourcing processes. Its modular structure lets you focus on specific phases, or the entire sourcing process – adapted to your needs!

If you are not a procurement expert, you can still use Fluenta for handling contracts, purchases, orders and internal workflows.

And don’t worry, all actions are easy to access, and also logged thanks to Fluenta's cloudbased approach.


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    Our services

Fluenta modules for all business processes

Use Fluenta to facilitate all corporate contracting and invoicing processes. Try all of our modules.

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  2. soucing
  3. auction
  4. req2pay
  5. compliance
  6. contract
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We support you through the whole journey

Don't waste your time

You can start to use our Sourcing and Auction modules within 24 hours.

As simple and easy as can be

Fluenta focuses only on valueadding functions and clarity – without unnecessary clutter.

Amazing customer service

Automations are great to handle processes, but unable to replace our experts – who are always ready to help!

Unique need? Unique solution!

We are flexible and quick. Our experts are here for your configuration requests!

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Sneak Peek Into Our Modules

See the detailed module features that get you the results you want.


Fluenta Sourcing

Digitalize your tenders, evaluate suppliers' responses in a comparative view, and create sourcing templates.

Learn More

Fluenta Req2Pay

Automate and control internal and external requisitions. Shop online through supplier catalogues.

Learn More

Fluenta Workflow

Manage complex internal business processes – not just procurement – and accelerate approval procedures.

Learn More

Fluenta Auction

Choose from several auction types and rules to dynamize your negotiations to get the best deal available.

Learn More

Fluenta Compliance

Prequalify and audit your suppliers to assess their professional competences and the quality of their services.

Learn More

Fluenta Contract

Manage contracts with limit monitoring, expiry notifications, free-word search, in an auditable format.

Learn More

Fluenta Analytics

Customize reports and dashboards for management, with crossmodule analysis options.

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Want to give it a try? Contact our sales team!

What Our Customers Say

Don't take our word for it

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    “We have been using Fluenta successfully for years, and I was personally in charge of its implementation on behalf of our company. By the end of the implementation, the system was fully tailored to our company's needs, everything was designed according to our requests and schedule.”

    Péter Kurali

    Purchasing Director, BIS Hungary

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    “Prior to the introduction of Fluenta in 2015, we generally used different, ad hoc solutions that we wanted to improve in the long term. Using the Fluenta Auction and Sourcing modules to manage our processes in a secure, simple, traceable and auditable way has made our work much easier.”

    dr. Balázs Lukovics

    Debt Collection Advisor, OTP Bank

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    “We have been using Fluenta's Auction and Sourcing modules for years and we are very satisfied with them. We like the fact that the system is simple and quick to use and easy to learn for new colleagues.”

    Péter Szabó

    Senior Procurement Expert, E.ON

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    “With Fluenta, the lead times for our previously lengthy order processes have been reduced from 30-45 days to an average of 7-10 days, with some orders being fulfilled in as little as a day.”

    Tamás Nováki

    Technical Director General, Eötvös Loránd University

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