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Managing internal business processes – not just procurement – with the fluenta workflow module

It may be cumbersome for larger enterprises, with complex organizational structures, to close a simple decision process that involves multiple approvers. An appropriate solution can simplify and speed up the process, whether it is an asset, conference or accommodation requisition, initiation of a procurement procedure, or master data management.

Webforms customized to process

Usually webformsare used to forward the business process from the sender to the addressee. The forms used by the company can be mapped in the system individually, applying all data input fields (such as dates, file upload...).

Required data fields can be defined on the form, and the system allows asking for data that are important for acceptance or processing. Based on data defined on the forms, it is easy to assign processes to specific cost centers, organizational units, or projects.

Approval chain

You can assign an approval chain to the requisition processes, either manually or based on rules; this ensures the expert/responsible person of the appropriate area will decide about the evaluation process. Approval rules are aligned to organizational structure and existing rules of procedure; therefore, decisions are channeled through the same points as before.

While a process is under approval, stakeholders can check the approval status. If a process is rejected, the initiating user can restart the process without re-entering the data already provided.

Options for use

The business process module has a wide range of applicability; it can even replace multiple smaller subsystems. These may be, for example:
➤ registration for trainings
➤ travel request or pool car bookinga
➤ repairs or maintenance request
request to initiate procurement procedure
➤ master data records, etc.
A summary view displays the initiators, the status and details of the processes; information entered on the webforms is also accessible in database from.

  • Unique business processes mapped
  • Faster processes with webforms
  • Manually set or automated approval chain
  • Process restart with a click
  • Approval status monitoring
  • Easy overview of corporate requests

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WHEN IS fluenta workflow THE RIGHT CHOICE?

  • If too much time is spent with processing requisitions and requests
  • If too much time elapses from definition of requests to implementation .
  • If you work in a complex organizational structure, and it is hard to overview all requisitions made by the staff
  • If you want to replace your smaller subsystems with a single, flexibly configurable, comprehensive solution.
  • If you have problems monitoring the status of processes managed through e-mail or extracting and aggregating disparate requisition data.

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