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Electronic tendering with fluenta sourcing module

The sourcing module helps you prepare your tenders and request or evaluate proposals electronically. Using the solution in corporate procurement speeds up the tendering process, while making it more transparent. With fluenta sourcing , even those suppliers can join the procurement process through the web-based interface, who otherwise could not make a meaningful offer due to high costs or other reasons. The system covers the full administration of public procurement procedures in compliance with applicable law.

Electronic process management (RFx)

The application remains fast and reliable, even with many suppliers, across multiple rounds.

RFx is the proposal request interface of the sourcing module, with basic functionalities such as:
Full support for the RFP process
➤ Ease of use also on bidders’ side
➤ RFP with customized parameters
➤ Store, retrieve, and re-use earlier processes
Encryption and access control – the solution prevents access to the bids prior to tender opening

Summary: Users of RFx can articulate their individual needs, business preferences, and operational framework in a far more detailed manner than with any other sourcing tool.

Simple evaluation (Evaluation)

Evaluation is a tool for evaluating submitted bids and supplier proposals; it provides the best comprehensive cost analysis of goods and services in accordance with specific business needs. It reduces procurement cycle time considerably by promoting collaboration and communication between the buyer and the seller.

Features of Evaluation :
Simple evaluation of proposals; when upload time is over, the system immediately performs a comparison of submitted bids by bidder and by section.
➤ Enables the quick and structured evaluation of many bidders and the request of new, modified proposals.
➤ Provides access for internal evaluators to specific parts of suppliers’ proposals; they can evaluate only the aspects within their own competence.

  • Wizard-based tender invitation process
  • User-friendly, easy-to-learn user interface
  • Required fields to eliminate or minimize insufficiencies and corrections
  • Maintain corporate-level sourcing knowledge base
  • Process event logs for transparent information flow
  • Strong encryption and access control
  • Automatic email alerts and communication
  • Process-based reporting with pre-set parameters

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WHEN IS fluenta sourcingTHE RIGHT CHOICE?

  • If you want to focus on your business tasks, instead of the administration (compiling the minutes of opening, managing correction requests, fiche summary, aggregating evaluation results etc.)
  • If you manage high-value tender procedures involving multiple participants
  • If you want a standard, professional evaluation process with predetermined criteria for tender assessment
  • If you want to make bidding easier for suppliers
  • If it matters that the company’s RFP procedures are accessible at the same place and can be shared with other colleagues
  • If it matters that bidders work out and upload their proposals in the same structure and with adequate details as you specify

fluenta sourcing interoperates with the fluenta auction module; data entered here will be accessible later in the auctioning process too.

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