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Managing internal and external requisitions with fluenta req2pay module

The requisition module serves the automation and controlled management of internal and external requisitions. The process can be expedited if purchase orders are created from a catalog, with an approval chain and settings customized for the staff.

Flexible requisition

Product or service requisitions can be based on webshop-style catalogs, free text, or webforms. In case of a service, you only need to fill out a webform, providing the parameters of the service (for example, the sizes and number of copies for a printing job). In addition, it allows you to search for products or provide details of the requisition.

Approval and control

The requisition goes through a flexible approval chain. You may define a group of approvers based on product type, the position of the requester, or the value of the order. You can assign a responsible person to all requisitions who will specify the technical parameters; you may also designate a substitute to replace staff members on vacation or on sick leave.

Private and public catalogs

The module also lets suppliers upload their products or services to the catalog. In case of a private catalog and prices, only your company can order such items, while products in a public catalog are available to every fluenta user. Optionally, you may define a framework agreement to the purchase order and get notification before exhaustion of the quota.

  • Internal-external requisitions and purchase orders
  • Approval and spend control
  • Private and public catalog
  • Inventory management
  • Receiving
  • Supplier portal

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Inventory management

You can create multiple stores in the system and receive, release, and transfer goods/products, or run timely reports on inventory data.

fluenta also supports the records of small-value assets. These are fully depreciated assets for accounting, but continue to be usable for several more years (such as computer peripherals, cellphones, and their accessories).


Requesters can handle the receipt of delivered goods, so they have the information at hand whether an invoice can be settled before it arrives.

Receiving can be done either at cart or item level, allowing confirmation of partial delivery too.

Supplier portal

Suppliers can build electronic contact with their customers through the supplier portal. The information related to individual orders (such as purchase orders, confirmations, invoices etc.) may not only flow through this channel, but they can also be transferred to ERP, production, and inventory management systems without further manual processing.

WHEN IS fluenta req2pay THE RIGHT CHOICE?

  • If bulk requisitions are managed at your organization on a daily or weekly basis
  • If you want a one-click view of the status of submitted requisitions or the framework agreement
  • If your organization structure is too complex to manage approvals easily
  • If you want accountability and traceability within your organization

fluenta req2pay is connected to the contract (fluenta contract) and invoice (fluenta invoice) modules.

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