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Electronic invoice approval and verification with fluenta invoice

Verification of incoming invoices and approval by competent managers are crucial for keeping accurate financial records. With this module, you can manage invoices issued within or outside the requisition process, certify performance, or monitor and report on cost budget.

Invoice approval and payment order

You may assign unique approval and payment-order rules to incoming invoices, by invoice type or by other key parameters (account assignment, certification of performance, processing organization).

The contract management module features in-built verification points that help you eliminate input errors. The automated processes ensure the time elapsed between receipt and processing of the invoice is reduced to a fraction; all transactions are transparent and executable in time.

Comprehensive overview of payments

Using additional fluenta modules when managing invoices, you can get a detailed overview at invoice approval.

Before approving an invoice, fluenta contract and req2pay req2pay allow you to check requisition details or the concluded contract. This way, you can detect any conditions that do not comply with the contract (payment terms, for example).

Templates and control

If you receive significantly more invoices from key suppliers, you may add templates to streamline invoice upload and administration.

Detailed statistics and reports are available to help monitor cost center budgets, giving you total financial control.

  • Easy handling and overview of invoices
  • Custom approval rules
  • Built-in control points
  • Reporting aligned to specific needs

What business processes are supported by the module?

  • Purchase order (PO)
  • Receiving / certificate of completion
  • Invoice handling

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WHEN IS fluenta invoice THE RIGHT CHOICE?

  • If a large number of invoices must be processed efficiently at the organization
  • If accurate administration and easy traceability are important
  • If you don’t want to hunt lost invoices
  • If you want to speed up your organization’s payments and financial operations

fluenta invoice is connected to the requisition (fluenta req2pay) and contract (fluenta contract) modules.

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