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Faster contracting process and controlled contract management with fluenta contract

Faster contracting process and controlled contract management with fluenta contract Monitoring and administration of contracts by traditional methods becomes impracticable when a certain quantity is exceeded. If this is the case, you need a solution that is secure, alerts about exact deadlines, and provides a proper search function. fluenta contract can support all related activities during the lifecycle of the contract and the contract creation processes simultaneously.

Contract creation

Creation of contracts is often a lengthy procedure at the company, involving several business units.

This fluenta module ensures approval and review processes are properly regulated and documented. The solution supports timely distribution and supervision of contracting tasks and provides version control.

Contract management with access control

All supplier contracts are in one place and up-to-date, with controlled access.

fluenta contract combines any fragmented contract databases and eliminates duplications. It allows the tracking of contract amendments, supports free-text search and various report queries. If you have an automatically renewable contract, you are reminded before the termination period starts.

Contract quota monitoring

Contract quota monitoring ensures good purchase prices and supports spend control.

You can easily check quota exhaustion with cost centers, but it is also possible to monitor quota at the level of individual contracts. To avoid problems when quota is running out, you can generate contract utilization reports or get notified when certain milestones are reached; this is especially helpful for organizations bound by public procurement regulations.

  • Multiple-level version control
  • Controlled access, permission levels
  • Metadata and file attachment versioning with history tracking
  • Centralized contract management
  • Automatic alerts of important deadlines
  • Templates for contract generation

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WHEN IS fluenta contract THE RIGHT CHOICE?

  • If you must keep track of hundreds of contracts every year
  • If accurate administration and comprehensive free-text search is a must
  • If you want to get notified about important dates in the contracts
  • If you want an accurate access-right policy

fluenta contract is connected to the requisition (fluenta req2pay)and invoice management (fluenta invoice) modules.

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