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Supplier pre-qualification and audit with fluenta compliance module

Pre-qualification of bidders and assessment of their professional competencies may be done in the preparatory phase of the tendering process. Preliminary collection of information to evaluate bidders’ competences might be time-consuming, but an efficient solution can help reduce time and speed up the process.

Supplier questionnaire

The system supports the pre-qualification process preceding the tender with a standard questionnaire, accessible online by market players involved.

The compliance module ensures market players submit information on their professional competence in the standard form you require by the deadline. The questionnaires and pre-qualification procedures can be reproduced and copied.

Evaluation form

Evaluating the criteria one by one, as submitted by market players, is a time-consuming process; the compliance module allows automatic qualification of data by pre-determined weights and parameters.

You can pre-determine the qualification parameters of the answers to each question (such as the existence of a quality assurance system, payment deadline etc.)

Supplier groups

In case of high-value projects, where multiple market segments are involved (such as an investment), and you must communicate with multiple suppliers simultaneously, it may help to create and apply specific supplier groups.

This way, you can publish group-based questionnaires for individual groups. The announcer defines the pre-qualification criteria for a group, and this will be available to all members of that group.

  • Well-visualized, user friendly interface
  • Customizable supplier form
  • E-mail notification when questionnaires are submitted
  • Quick and transparent evaluation of questionnaires
  • Online supplier database
  • Customized, on-demand reporting system

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WHEN IS fluenta compliance THE RIGHT CHOICE?

  • If you have difficulties with the pre-qualification of multiple market players, separated in time
  • If you would benefit from easily comparable information from the market players addressed, in a standard format, on a standard interface
  • If the list of suppliers changes several times during the year
  • If you want transparency, and the company is bound by mandatory regulations regarding selecting suppliers at the organization

The fluenta compliance solution interoperates with other fluenta modules: uploaded data is accessible in the tendering system (fluenta sourcing) and in the subsequent auctioning process (fluenta auction).

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