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Quick price negotiation for the best conditions with fluenta auction

The online auction technology generates much more dynamic competition among potential suppliers than traditional procurement negotiations. Electool’s electronic marketplace allows you to organize sourcing and sales auctions. The online auction can also be applied to indirect products and services and to strategic sourcing.

Several auction types and rules

When setting up an electronic auction, you may choose from a range of auction types (traditional, Dutch, Japanese, total cost, parametric, scoring and weighted) and auction rules (increments, opening price, extension, allowing tied bids, ranking method, etc.); this lets you align the methodology to the process easily.

Sourcing or sales auctions

Not all auctions are for purchase or for prices moving downward. If you have assets (e.g. dead stock) or real estate to sell, you can invite potential buyers to bid within an equally short period, but this time with increasing bids. Further settings allow competing on other key procurement criteria too – such as payment and delivery terms.

Parameterizing items

Price negotiations sometimes require the use of more complex evaluation methodologies. You may set predefined parameters to items in the auction, with associated values of your choice. For complex objects requiring the use of mathematical formulas, fluenta supports Excel-based bidding and announcing multi-dimensional auctions.

  • Duplicate previous auctions with a click
  • Attach documents to the auction to support bidding
  • Tutorial function for practicing before the auction
  • Automatic system reminders about important tasks
  • Reports during and after closing an auction
  • Compliance with strict public procurement regulations
  • Prompt response time, maximum competitive spirit
  • Multiply fortified, secure data backup procedures
  • Audit subsystem to provide evidence if disputes occur
  • Multiple password protection, no unauthorized access

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WHEN IS fluenta auction THE RIGHT CHOICE??

  • If you want to save money (based on experience, up to 13-16% savings can be achieved on previous prices.)
  • If you want transparent negotiations with your suppliers along objective parameters
  • If you want to induce competition between suppliers
  • If you want to shorten the procurement cycle and price negotiations
  • If you want to be informed about market trends and prices

A fluenta sourcing and auction modules are interconnected. You can initiate an auction with a click from a process created and closed in fluenta sourcing.

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