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Fluenta Compliance


Supplier questionnaire

Pre-qualification process before a tender with a standard questionnaire, accessible online by the market players involved.


No more unnecessary work

Questionnaires and pre-qualification procedures can be reproduced and copied.


Fast evaluation

The Compliance module allows automatic qualification of data by pre-determined weights and parameters.


Create specific supplier groups

You can publish group-based questionnaires for individual groups. The pre-qualification criteria for a group will be available to all members of that group.


Use with other Fluenta modules

It works side by side with other Fluenta modules: uploaded data is accessible in the tendering system (Sourcing) and in the subsequent auctioning process (Auction).


Live tutorials

We will teach you how to use our system during implementation.

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What to know about Fluenta Compliance

  • Supplier qualification, auditing

    This solution will speed up the assessment and registration of supplier suitability and makes the process more transparent, thereby reducing risks. Fluenta Europe's implementation methodology is simple and quick, based on best practices and the current transformation of business needs. 

  • How do we start?

    During consultation with the client's key users, we propose a design for the questionnaires, defining their exact content and the required and optional elements. The compliance process can be launched after just one training session.
    Creating new questionnaires, and designing and configuring them during the implementation and operation of the system requires no extra development.

  • The Fluenta Compliance module is the right choice for you...

    if you need to pre-qualify and assess the performance of several market players at different times;
    if you need easy comparability of the responses received;
    if your supplier database changes several times a year;
    if you need to group suppliers, blacklist them, or rate them based on different criteria;
    if there are company-wide mandatory standards for supplier selection;
    if you need to be able to substitute suppliers;
    if you need audited supplier relations;
    if you expect assessors to have access only to the audit fields that apply to them;
    if you want to automate the process of requesting (ISO) certificates from your suppliers.

  • Flawless certification procedure
    Simple, transparent announcement interface
    Consistent format
    User-defined framework 
    Built-in approval function

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