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The Sourcing module provides the tool to prepare tender documentation, RFP's / RFQ's and evaluate supplier's proposals electronically.

// RFx

Our solution in corporate procurement speeds up the entire tendering process, while making it more transparent.

Fluenta Sourcing offers suppliers who previously could not make a meaningful offer due to high costs and other reasons, to join the procurement process through the a web-based interface.

Tendering companies can use the application quickly and reliably even  with large number of participants and after several rounds.

RFx is the proposal request interface of the Tender module, with basic functionalities such as:

  • Full support of the RFx process
  • Easy to use for internal staff and bidders
  • Custom parameters
  • Store, retrieve and re-use tender documentation
  • Encryption and access control to ensures that no one can access proposals prior to tender opening

// Evaluation

This is an efficient tool to evaluate received bids and carry out total cost analysis of offers.It also considerably reduces sourcing cycle time by enhancing cooperation and communication between buyers and suppliers.


  • Evaulates a large number of bidders quickly, in a structured way and with the ability to request new or modified proposals
  • Provides access to employees and managers only to presettled specific parts of the supplier’s proposals
  • Full integration with RFx as well as paper-based procurement processes too

Key business benefits:

  • All sourcing processes in one place, duly documented and ready for re-use
  • Supports fast, transparent and structured proposals and evaluation
  • Facilitates the supplier contracting procedure