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The Project module helps manage tasks and resources related to sourcing and procurement departments.

// Status monitoring

In Fluenta, all the sourcing procedures and its status can be easily monitored. Common procedures can be mapped through “personalized” templates, resulting in considerable time savings. An additional benefit is the significant reduction of exceptional (and sometimes problematic) cases.

The solution is very easy to use. All you need to do is select the type of procedure, and all related process steps are instantly determined down to the level of milestones, tasks and actions to be taken with pre-defined deadlines. Should anything be left out, the system will send alerts about when and what is to be done with which procedure..

// Resource expenditure

In a highly competitive environment, a prerequisite of efficient operation is that management must have a clear overview of the sourcing organization’s activity and staff workload.

Fluenta helps get an accurate picture of fulfilment in the sourcing process, which calculates  the time consumed by individual procedures and the time spent by each and every buyer with any tasks and compares it with the targeted timeframe.

In case of an overload, this information will help take the necessary actions and make decisions about re-allocation of resources.Data obtained from the system will also enable performance evaluation of staff members individually.
Reports can filtered data and provides a clear overview of processes and tasks of the given unit.

Key business benefits:

  • Simple, executive-level project status monitoring
  • Measuring of resource expenditure related to individual tasks
  • Instant tracking of to-do list and accomplished tasks


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