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The Invoice module serves for submitting incoming invoices for approval in a fast and centralized way.

// Invoice Approval and Processing

Electronic invoice approval also works for invoices without a purchase order.

In spite of the fact that requisition process is entirely mapped in Fluenta, there will still be invoices that escape the preliminary requisition process for whatever reason and “turn up”. Needless to say, this is not a supported practice, but when it does happen, it is necessary to include an ex-post invoice approval in the process and route it to cost management procedure.

The Fluenta Invoice module supports this process The module also handles ex-post invoice approvals with a customizable approval process.

The invoice approval process naturally affects cost budget monitoring and detailed statistics and reports can be run about these types of spending too.

// Travel Expense Accounting

Travel expense accounting is a most cumbersome and time-consuming area of company administration.

Travel expense accounting is a most cumbersome and time-consuming area of company administration.

It is not always possible to handle travel expenses within the requisition process - hotel, restaurant or overseas taxi bills etc. may turn up occasionally afterward. Sometimes it may take several hours to arrange, submit and account for these bills.

With Fluenta, it is easy to administer travel expenses in the ex-post invoice approval module. Invoices and documents are simply photographed or scanned, then attached to the relevant invoice approval process and forwarded to the responsible approver. Upon approvals, all paper-based invoices are simply passed on to the accounting department, who have, in the meantime, approved and posted the items and prepared the expense accounting for remittance with the help of Fluenta.

// Mileage Recording

Fluenta handles mileage record of corporate vehicles too.

With the help of an integrated digital map, the mileage record function automatically records distances covered with the vehicle and processes data gained from the company’s CRM system. The solution is simple to use, operates easily from smart phones and tablets and quickly generates managerial or accounting reports.

Key business benefits:

  • Customizable approval procedures and controlled on-time payments
  • Handles small-value invoices and travel expenses
  • Swift accounting period closings


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