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The Contract module solves business tasks related to contracting and contract management.

// Contract Creation

Creating contracts within the company is often a lengthy procedure involving a number of department units . This Fluenta module ensures that approval and review processes are properly regulated and documented. It supports timely distribution and control of contracting tasks, and also provides version control.

// Contract Management

All supplier contracts are in one place and up-to-date, with controlled access. There are no evergreen or expired contracts. This module ensures your contracts are in order and under control.

Fluenta’s contract management module consolidates any fragmented database and eliminates duplications. Any changed made in the contracts are to ensure the latest version at all times.

It can handle all document types (PDF, Word, Excel, Keynote, etc.), which lets you search freely for any information you need.

Automatic alerts can also be set to remind you if there is anything to be done with a given contract.

You may run various reports on contracts based on preset data.

// Contract Quota Monitoring

Travel expense accounting is a most cumbersome and time-consuming area of company administration.

Fluenta makes it easy to monitor individual quotas , but also watch spending at a contract level, too. This is important because several suppliers apply terms that heavily punish excess purchase or supply excess goods with surcharges.

Another advantage of quota monitoring is that bids for products or services can be announced in advance. This ensures that products are purchased at custom made prices and conditions instead of high list prices.

This function is crucial for institutions which are subject to public procurement rules prohibiting the order of products from a given supplier once the contracted quota is exhausted, in which case a new public procurement procedure has to be launched.

An average end-user does not notice anything from quota exhaustion. Products and services are simply not displayed as available. It is possible to request substitute products.

Key business benefits:

  • All contracts managed centrally, with access control
  • Contract related alerts and task allocation
  • Easy-to-use search and reporting functions


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