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The Budget module provides an easy control over budget planning and usage.

// Cost planning

A large downfall of traditional procurements is that financial managers learn about spending when the invoice arrives, during a quarterly review, or after closing dates.

Fluenta presents a different way of thinking.
The business line managers can do the budgeting within the budgeting module and after an approval procedure the budgets will be set.

Contracts or agreements can be signed and procurements or requisitions can be initiated within the boundaries of the approved cost budgets.

Fluenta monitors the use of cost budgets in multiple dimensions (at the levels of total budget, contracts and cost types) and route each requisition through a separate approval process if needed.

This solution places great emphasis on easing the work of financial managers, decision makers and controllers.

// Management reports

Transaction details can be turned into managerial reports with a single click since all transactions are processes in the same system.
The speed and simplicity of generating reports ensure that decision makers have real time information about their spending or foreseeable budget exhaustion.

Key business benefits:

  • Real time budget monitoring even on contract-level
  • The ability to intervene if necessary, depending on company's result
  • Management reports by various criteria, including cost type, cost center and project


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