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// Fluenta can help you:

  • Keep spending under control
  • Standardize the approval process
  • Improve compliance with relevant rules and regulations
  • Store procurement documentation

// Save money with Fluenta

Apart from a higher level of control, there are four areas where you can save money. They are:

  • 33 percent less maverick buy
  • 10 percent additional savings through the use of preferred suppliers
  • 25 percent lower procurement and invoice processing costs
  • 20 percent less time spent on procurement, auditing and ex-post checks

// Fluenta makes financial executives dreams come true

  • Early closing of ledgers with up-to-date cost information at the press of a button
  • Quick intervention in spending actions and influence on profits (to reach target bonuses...)
  • Documented and transparent processes in the financial units
  • Precise resource allocation and high predictability
  • Independence from executive colleagues