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// Innovation

The strength of the solution is that it has been designed with a special focus on user needs. State-of-the-art software development environment enables rapid development and easy customization. This is a considerable advantage over other solutions on the market because the software can be deployed much faster and is up and running instantly.

Within the workflow framework, we focused on approval requirements because it’s the most time consuming phase of the procurement process.

We created a workflow engine that is easy to use, handles any corporate structure and enables end users to access all necessary information by a simple click. The system lets you manage multiple access levels, practically automating this formerly lengthy process.

// Integration to ERP System

Fluenta connects perfectly to ERP systems. It can be easily integrated to common ERP and accounting systems, from Oracle to SAP to Microsoft and to various other systems. Moreover, integration of Fluenta with an ERP system can be done at any point of the procurement process.

// Customization, even along your individual needs

Fluenta is a flexible solution framework where users can map several processes, such as creating custom company webforms. This flexibility ensures businesses of various sizes and profiles may use the same excellent solution by simply altering parameters and settings to their demands.

// Rapid development

Fluenta uses cutting-edge technology to meet users’ expectations in a flexible way. The usability of Fluenta continuously improves and  are modified to meet the needs of the user based on their clicks and navigation movements.